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Phil Hellmuth Makes Grand Claim of Winning $11 Million in Cash Games



Phil Hellmuth has tweeted a claim that he is $11 million in profit from cash games in response to Daniel Negreanu trash talking in the run up to their match.


The pair are due to meet for a heads-up battle at the end of the month, organised after Hellmuth criticised Negreanu's play in the High stakes Feud versus Doug Polk. Now, Hellmuth thinks Negreanu is disrespecting the level of his play and not giving him enough credit for where he stands among the all-time greats.


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"It’s OK if you don’t say I’m the greatest poker player on the planet today, but he [Negreanu] seems to be almost insulting. He refuses to recognize me. I think Daniel has something against me."


Is Hellmuth One of the Greatest?

There are multiple arguments going on here, and we've heard them all before. Is Phil Hellmuth the greatest player/tournament player of all-time? Can Phil Hellmuth beats high stakes cash games? And Can Phil Hellmuth beat high rollers?

With 15 WSOP gold bracelets to his record and enough rich recreationals playing high roller tournaments it is possible that he is a winner. In fact, we should get an answer on this very question in a year or two because Hellmuth and Negreanu have a bet on this over 50 $25,000 buy-in events in the Aria Casino. Negreanu's $400,000 to Hellmuth's $200,000.


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Unfortunately, we're never likely to know Hellmuth's real cash game record, which is a real shame. He might not be at the level of the elite but he could still be right up there at a very high level.

As for tournament play, what Hellmuth achived erarly on in his career does certainly lift him right up there, even if he has been well-surpassed by the younger generation.


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Hellmuth and Negreanu have been friends since the early nineties, so it's unlikely that they've really fallen out, but until they actually get down and play this match things are going to remain a little frosty. It's also not certain that they'll kiss and make up because many suspect that Negreanu is not the heavy favourite that the betting says.

The format of this match is not deep stacked cash but instead a sit & go wher the loser can double the stakes to play on. Hellmuth has proven deadly in this game type in the past, including thrashing Antonio Esfandiari 3-0 last year. If Negreanu getting a similar whipping then he really might be sulking for quite a while.

We're really looking forward to this one!




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