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Galfond Challenge Match Heats Up as Galfond Retakes the Lead Over Kornuth



Poker legend Phil Galfond has retaken the lead in his high-stakes match against chance Kornuth. After seizing victory against VeniVidi1993 at the death and sweeping aside Actionfreak Galfond is clearly in a match that can now go either way.

The stakes are $100/$200 and the game is PLO—Galfond's speciality. The challenge is set at 35,000 hands with a juicy side bet of $1m : $250k on the table. This is how confident Phil Galfond is, regardless of how long he has been away from the top of the game.

17100 hands have no been played and Galfond is $32,000 up. Nothing is certain, for now.

After spending much of the match almost $350,000 behind Galfond could things be about to turn or will we expect the second half to be as swingy as the first.

The fans are certainly favouring Galfond to make it a clean sweep of three out of three, but are they being biased? Time will tell.



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