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Dealer and Player Come to Blows at the Aria



A brawl has broken out between a poker player and a dealer at the Aria Casino in Las Vegas. A YouTube video showing the two men brutally assaulting each other appeared yesterday with no explanation about wjhat sparked the issue.

The clip shows the player attempting to hold the dealer down, over the table, before the dealer struggles to his feet and repeatedly punches the player in the face. At this point it is no longer the player who is looking to inflict violence, but the Aria employee, who looks seriously pissed off.

By this time all other activity in the room had come to a halt with many other gamblers trying to calm the pair down and separate them. Whatever had started the pair brawling flared up again with the player appearing to taunt the  dealer once again who continued to try to land punches.

Some things will never change. Cheap booze and gambling under one roof will often lead to frayed tempers and raised voices. It's just the way it is.

Check out the clip below.


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