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Daniel Negreanu Hits Back in High-stakes Grudge Match



Daniel Negreanu struck back in his high-stakes match against Doug Polk, winning almost $150,000. Polk was ever so close to breaking the $1 million profit mark but had a bad session, which to be fair he was due.

Polk tweeted

Session: -$143,642.37 over 834 hands

Total: +814,290.2 over 10784 hands

Crazy one today. It would be nice to play a session where I dont have a hand where I lose 2 buyins bluffing with no equity. Wonder if there is any way to prevent that. Anyway we move on. Great week overall

As you can see Negreanu still has some work to do if he wants to make this match competative. Currently he is playing the US side of the WSOP Main Event and has made the money.

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